The Helal Channel website is a virtual global platform for submitting, sharing and contributing multimedia products which includes informative, healthy and safe multimedia content, especially in forms of audiovisual as well as animation, cartoons or slideshows, in accordance to Islamic Human Rights Bill (Cairo Declaration on Human Rights; Adopted and Issued at the Nineteenth Islamic Conference; Cairo, Egypt, 1990), International Bill of Human rights (UN General Assembly Resolution 217 (III)) and European Convention on Human Rights (European Convention on Human Rights, Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Rome, 4.XI.1950).

The purpose of the platform is to promote tolerant and reasonable discussion and an interfaith guide to religious and spiritual dialogue between all global citizens to make the global society a safe, sober and resilient environment.

Everyone must be honest and sincere, even if that means revealing discomforts with your own tradition or that of the other. Everyone must assume that everyone else is being equally honest and sincere. Everyone must be permitted to define their own religious experience and identity, and others must respect this. It is supposed to be not hateful nor harmful and discriminative.

HC Creators or contributors at the platform are not Helal Channel employees so the HC is not obligated to pay them any kind of salary, it`s absolutely a no bonus activity for creators or contributors. Due to be free open access platform, signing up and subscribing is free of charge and users can be watch, use and contribute to the platform and add the content freely and unlimitedly in accordance to HC Terms and Condition and use standards. Hate speech, predatory behavior, verbal or visual harassments, graphic violence, malicious threats or attacks ( and the content that promotes harmful or dangerous behavior on the platform), is thoroughly forbidden.

Before subscribing and contributing at the HC platform, read clearly our Terms and Conditions as the policy of our platform, by which we tried to develop and present our important polices, rules and regulations in simple words as the Terms and Conditions (T&C) for your HC subscription and submission posts and products, and share your multimedia products according to the HC (T&C) across the platform. Helal Channel Terms and Conditions 2022, do go into effect starting from March, 2022 while launching the version HC.1 in 2022. Organizations or business users are subject to the specific negotiation and given contract, and their communication and activities into the HC platform may need to have a separate negotiation or financial interaction.