Hussein qui a dit pas de film

The Synopsis of the movie

After the death of Mu’awiyah, Yazid as the caliph of the Muslims, took control of the caliphate and wrote a letter to the governor of Medina asking him to take allegiance of Imam Hussein.

Bokir who has been chosen as the special courier of the Damascus court, is commissioned to deliver Yazid’s letter to Medina.

He is a passionate young man in search of the truth, he finds in Medina that he is the bearer of a letter in which the assassination of Imam Hussein was ordered.

In Mecca, Bokir became acquainted with the thoughts and ideas
of Imam Hussein.

The people of Kufa have sent countless letters inviting Imam Hussein to Kufa to help them in the uprising against Yazid.

Hurr, along with Bokir and two thousand riders, are ordered by Obaidullah to go to the caravan of Imam Hussein, which is moving towards Kufa. In the blink of an eye, Imam Hussein’s caravan were besieged in Karbala by thousands of troops of the Caliphate. On the day of Ashura, the light of truth shines on Bokir’s eyes and …

فلم القربان دبلجة اللغة العربية

فیلم رستاخیز با زبان فارسی

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